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     Vericom Co., Ltd. established in Mar. 1998, has been targeting "Achieving Supreme Value" and producing dental materials through continuous research and development.

     The market for dental materials has been grown every year very rapidly due to the aging society, increasing cavity rate, average income, and high level of life-style. However, the domestic production does not meet the market needs, which result in domination of the imported goods

     Thus, we have tried to produce supreme quality dental materials and help the domestic market be more independent, contributing to improve the quality of national dental health care and enlarge Vericom Co., Ltd.'s world dental market.

      Dental devices, such as Rapid Curing Unit, Polymerization Unit and many others as well as expending dental material category are our new R&D Fields for Vericom Co., Ltd. in next few years.

      Vericom Co., Ltd. is dedicated to continuous developments and innovation for dental products. We provide dental products and value-added service that contribute to utmost welfare of human beings and human-environment harmony.

Thank you very much.

Yun-Ki, Kim


Link : http://vericom.en.ec21.com/