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          Directa AB is a Swedish, privately owned company which was founded in 1916 and has around twenty-five employees.

         The company is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of dental products in the Nordic region, with the main focus on development and production of innovative products that facilitate the everyday work of dental practitioners and make life easier for their patients.

         Directa is involved in a number of business activities; from developing and manufacturing of products to marketing and sales in over 90 countries. The company's five largest export markets are currently: Germany, France, USA, U.K. and Scandanavia.  Currently our five biggest selling products worldwide are: Luxator Extraction Instruments, ProphyPaste, FenderWedge, FenderMate and PractiPal Tray System.


"Design by Dentists"

         Over the years, Directa  has become renowned in the dental industry through its far-seeing development of innovative products  -  by and for dentists. The business philosophy "Design by Dentists" is the focus of Directa that pervades all of the company's processes and has been adopted as the company maxim.


Link : www.directadental.com