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Oxford Zircore NANO

Dual Cure Core Build-up and Post Cementing Composite containing Fluoride and Zirconia


Premium Nano-Zirconia Reinforced Core Material that is Strong, Reliable and Radiopaque

          Oxford Zircore NANO is a dual cure, resin core build-up material containing zirconia nano particles for excellent radioopacity and strong mechanical properties. The material is easy to stack but still flows. Oxford Zircore NANO is supplied in 5 ml minimix or 25 ml automix to facilitate easy placement of the material onto the tooth‘s surface or into a post space when used as a post cement. The product is available in tooth colored and contrast shades.


Features Benefits
• Contains fluoride and zirconia • Very high flexural and compressive strength
• “Cuts like dentine“
• High strength in both light and self cure mode
• Easy radiographic diagnosis
• Dual cure • Safe curing in all areas
• Saves time
• Reliable • High mechanical strength also when used in the self cure mode (e.g. dark areas in the root canal)
• Versatile • Can be used as a core material or post cement
• Thixotropic, yet flowable • Easy to build and sculpt cores
• Good flow for usage as a cement
• Automix syringe dispensing • Void free mixing
• Greater visiability in the oral cavity
• Easy application


Package available : 50g * 1 cartridge