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        Easyseal is a light curing, white shaded pit & fissure sealant which seals the fissures with a tight resin layer offering protection to susceptible tooth surfaces. Pits and fissures provide the ideal hollow for the settlement of cariogenic microorganisms so easyseal is a form of prevention which hinders the penetration of bacteria which in turn facilitates an overall better oral hygiene and in turn reduces occlusal caries.

        White shaded fissure sealant for preventive sealing of pits and fissures. Permits easy control during application. Easyseal is a resin based and light curing material


Features and Benefits


  • Offers protection to susceptible tooth surfaces which the tooth brush cannot reach

  • Reduces the level of lactobacilli in saliva

  • Restricts the penetration of bacteria

  • Contributes to better overall oral hygiene

  • Provides a long lasting retention

  • Contributes to reduced occlusal caries

  • Tight marginal seal

  • Low wear


Technical Properties


  • Sensitivity to ambient light: 55 s

  • Curing time: 18 s

  • Uncured film thickness: 16,8 µm

  • Vickers hardness HV 0.5/30: 180 MPa

  • Refractive Index nD25 : 1,5122

      Delivery forms:

§  1 x 8g bottle packed in a transparent box