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Oxford Ceram Nano: Extraordinary Handling, beautiful Esthetic Restorations

          Oxford Ceram NANO combines the finest innovative nano technologies to provide a new composite with excellent handling and polishability properties but also with optimised strength and wear properties. Oxford Ceram NANO is easy to handle (non sticky) and to place. With the large choice of shades and optimal translucency/opacity, the final restoration looks like the natural tooth.   


Features Benefits
• Optimised consistency • Ideal handling characteristics
• Easy placement
• Ultra low shrinkage • Perfect marginal seal
• High compressive and flexural strength • Universal use
• Posterior or anterior fillings
• Suitable for all cavities
• Good enamel-like abrasion and wear resistance • Long lasting restorations
• Sustained gloss polishability with optimised translucency and fluorescence • Excellent esthetic properties
• Light cure • Command set


Package available: -Oxford Ceram NANO System Kit


            8 Syringe * 4g Oxford Cream NANO Syringes

            1 * 5ML Oxford Bond / 50 Micro Brush

            1 * 3ML Oxford Etch syringe  / 10 mixing well

            1 Shade guide and Accessories / 6 Needle Tip

            1 Syringe * 4g Oxford Ceram NANO Refill