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        �Strauss & Co.� manufactures high quality electroplated diamond & CBN tools. Since 1970 the company has been active in the manufacture and distribution of diamond & CBN tools.

        �Strauss & Co.� dedicates itself to the development of unique products and strives to keep it�s products on the �quality edge�.
Our quality system is
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified, and all our dental tools meet rule 93/42 EU and are CE certified.

        Strauss & Co.�s products are distributed to over 40 countries via our global sales organization, which keeps track of the latest innovations, developments and materials in the cutting & grinding fields with super abrasives products.


Technical information

General Information

         Diamond is a pure carbon in a cubic structure. It is the hardest of all known materials. Many applications benefit by the use of diamond tools in industry for grinding, turning, sawing, lapping, wear resistance, etc. As it enables faster operating, extended tool's life and allows very accurate tolerances of shape and size. Use in industry are either "natural" diamond extracted from the ground, crushed and shaped to suit a particular requirement, or "synthetic" man made diamond specially for specific application. Diamond is made and graded according to its size, shape, and friability.

Diamond Applications

         Diamond is used for cutting or grinding hard, brittle and abrasive materials, but it is not suitable for grinding high carbon-steel. This is because iron has an affinity for carbon (which is what diamond is) at a high temperature.

Diamond tools are used for grinding hard or very abrasive materials, such as:

  Tungsten carbide

  Fiberglass

  Stone and marble

  Ferrite

  Composite materials

  Non-ferrous metals

  Industrial ceramics

  Rubber

  Re-inforced plastics

  Glass


CBN Applications

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is man made.
        It is a chemical bond of the elements boron and nitrogen with cubic lattice structure made in a high temperature / pressure process. It is available in different grades and sizes and is particularly designed for grinding hardened steels. CBN is second only to diamond in its hardness.


Electro Plated Diamond Tools:

        Electro plating is a method of bonding diamond/CBN particles to a steel blank, using Nickel as bonding material. Electro plated tools can not be dressed. The layer of Nickel and Diamond/CBN, follows exactly the given shape of the blank. Therefore, Electro plated tools are the best choice for profile grinding. Electro plated tools can be re-plated, after succeeding the first use, the tool can be striped off and re-plated, thus, efficient & economic re-platable process can be achieved.


Vacuum Brazing:

  • New method for manufacturing diamond and CBN tools.
  • Manufacturing inside vacuum oven at a high temperature.
  • The tool visually looks similar to e.p. tools.
  • One layer plating on a metal blank.
  • The method allows to control the density of the grits and to prevent clogging of the tool.
  • Possibility to reach very homogeneous thickness of layer and to keep the correct profiles.
  • Vaccum brazed tools are exceptionally agressive as the tight bond allows a very exposed grit.