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Double Bending Disposable Micro Applicators

       Magic-Brush is an exclusive double bending disposable micro applicator. There are two indentations on the applicator: one on the handle, and the other on the neck. The indentations allow the applicator to bend easily in two separate areas independently or simultaneously. The double bending feature is useful for applications from the lingual, for example. There are two �pillars� surrounding the indentations which work as a �locking notches� when the applicator is bent to help maintain the bending position constant.


       Easy-Shake is a revolutionary hand held dispenser. It allows dispensing one applicator at a time to the last applicator without touching other applicators.

       It has a semi-cylindrical shape with a flat side on one side and a round shape on the rest of the body of the dispenser. The flat side facilitates guiding the applicators to a passageway. The shield covering separates the main body of the dispenser from the passageway.  The purpose of separating the main body from the passageway is to disallow applicators to pile on top of each other in the passageway. As a result only one applicator is dispensed at a time � to the last applicator. Only one applicator is touched at a time as only one applicator is dispensed. The problem of cross contamination is solved
with Easy-Shake Dispenser.

Bending Positions
      Two indentations allow the applicator to bend easily. The �pillars� surrounding the indentation
work as a �locking notch� when the applicator is
bent, even as pressure is applied.


Packaging Options Article # and Description

Magic-Brush Silver 600 Size S ( 4 Small Easy shake box @150 pcs. )

Magic-Brush Silver 600 Size S ( 4 Small Easy shake box @150 pcs. )

Magic-Brush teal 600 Size M  ( 4 Small Easy shake box @150 pcs. )