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Disinfectant Equipment Hand Instument Impression Material Light Curing Other Restorestive Root cannal treaiment


Carbide bur  l  Dental Roll  l  Glove  l  Impression Tray  l  Injection Syring

Light bulb  l  Mixing Tip  l  Mouth mirror  l  Sterilization reel  l  Strip  l  Tray Adhesive



       Flat reels are composed of one-side medical kraft paper, one-side medical plastic film. the raw materials used are certified and offer a first-class seal, free from paper residues or film lamination and a constant welding during the sterilization.

       The Steriline reels enable to wrap the instruments before sterilization and to store them for a long period. A steam indicator ensures that the pouches have been submitted to the sterilization process.

    * R STERI 05   (2�) 5 cm.     Roll 200 mt.   
    * R STERI 07    (3�)7, 5 cm. Roll 200 mt.   
    * R STERI 10    (4�)10 cm.   Roll 200 mt.   
    * R STERI 15    (6�)15 cm.    Roll 200 mt.   
    * R STERI 20    (8�)20 cm.    Roll 200 mt.   
    * R STERI 25    (10�)25 cm.    Roll 200 mt.