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Disinfectant Equipment Hand Instument Impression Material Light Curing Other Restorestive Root cannal treaiment


Carbide bur  l  Dental Roll  l  Glove  l  Impression Tray  l  Injection Syring

Light bulb  l  Mixing Tip  l  Mouth mirror  l  Sterilization reel  l  Strip  l  Tray Adhesive


Centrix tray  l  Superdent

      3.n.One Impression Trays lock your impression material in place with unique undercut ridges. Non-tear flexible webbing and a rigid frame design provide accuracy when using Access MONOPHASE or other double-bite impression materials.

  • Undercut ridges lock impression material in place
  • High rigidity with flexible webbing insures maximum accuracy
  • Three different sizes to meet all applications


35 Anterior Trays

50 Posterior Trays

35 Quadrant Trays