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Oxford Bite

Bite Registration Material based on Advanced Silicone Technology

Snap fast, optimal consistency for precise bite registration!
Oxford Bite is designed for bite registration: interocclusal and jaw relation records. Based on addition curing vinyl polysiloxane (A-Silicone), it allows precise and distortion free registration. The soft but steady consistency combined with comfortable working time & short intraoral setting time make this product really easy-to-use.


Features Benefits
• Soft but steady consistency • Does not fow into the interdental spaces, easy handling
• Minimal bite resistance
• Comfortable working time of 20 seconds, short intraoral setting time • Faster time required
• Reduced risk of distortion
• Greater patient comfort
• Low shrinkage & high end hardness • Precise and distortion free registration
• Very good mechanical properties • Easy-to-cut, not brittle
• Addition curing vinyl polysiloxane (A-Silicone) • Very good biocompatibility


Package available: 2 * 50ml / 12 Oxford Mix Tip ( Green )