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     Scannable, addition-curing precision impression material (polyvinyl siloxane/VPS) for conventional impressions and digitisation. The individual components are optimally co-ordinated with the others regarding the important hydrophilic properties, ultimate tensile strength, elongation of break, thixotropy and fluidity and thus render an incomparably high performance of the overall system that is unequalled.

      Particular emphasis should be given the direct, immediate ready for use effect of the strongly impressioned hydrophily with the light component, existing humidity is displaced and the material flows freely into the smallest details. An outstanding colour contrast as well as the brief patient-friendly time in mouth and user-friendly and variable working time round off the range.

Special Feature:
       Beyond that, the impressions made with Aqium® 3D without the addition of a powder or spray are scannable, so that they can be used for digitally based data, in the computer-assisted workflow.

  • Working time: 2 min. 15 sec.
  • Time in mouth: 2 min. 15 sec.
  • Colour of tray materials (HEAVY/PUTTY): lilac-blue
  • Colour of wash materials (LIGHT): neon-yellow
  • Impression technique: Double mixing technique (1-step) and putty-wash technique (2-step)

REF 88631    2x 300 ml boxes (catalyst + base)
REF 85131    2x 380 ml cartridges 5:1

Aqium 3D HEAVY
REF 82533    2x 50 ml cartridges + 6 Mixing tips NT, green
REF 85133    2x 380 ml cartridges 5:1