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Oxford Impression Material

Oxford Print: A Complete Product Range of sophisticated Impression Materials

All the Oxford Products for impressions

        Oxford Print is a complete range of impression materials based on addition silicones.

     Thanks to the high hydrophilicity and very low shrinkage, the materials show excellent reproduction of details. With excellent flow properties to minimise voids and optimal elasticity those products allow distortion-free results. The Oxford products with their long working time and short setting time are comfortable for both: dentist and patient.

        The Oxford Print products, with several viscosities (putty, heavy body, mono, medium body, light body) are the perfect materials for all impressions with the all techniques (sandwich, putty wash or mono phase).

         Prosthetic dentistry needs impression materials that meet the requirement of highest precision. Precise impressions are the base for high quality prosthetic dentistry. Oxford Scientific requirements for vinylpolysiloxane impression materials are:

  • Long Working Time

  • Snap-set hardening

  • Excellent wetting behavior on teeth and soft tissue

  • Finest detail accuracy

  • Thixotropic behavior

          Oxford Print PUTTY (Jars or Maximix), kneedable, time-saving and comfortable base impression material for the one-step two-phase impression technique. This product can be used with:

  • Oxford Print LIGHT or MEDIUM, super hydrophilic materials to obtain fine detail accuracy.

  • Oxford Print HEAVY (Automix cartridges or Maximix), super hydrophilic base impression material with medium to heavy viscosity for the One-Step-Two-Phase impression technique.

  • Oxford Print MONO (Automix cartridges or Maximix), used for the One-Step-One-Phase impression technique is a super hydrophilic one phase impression material.

Oxford Print Putty: Package available: 2 * 600g Jars / 2 * Spoon

Oxford Print Light: Package available: 2 * 50ml / 12 Oxford Mix Tip / 12 Intraoral Tip

Oxford Print Medium: Package available: 2 * 50ml / 12 Oxford Mix Tip / 12 Pink Intraoral Tip

Oxford Print Heavy: Package available: 2 * 50ml / 12 Oxford Mix Tip / 12 Green Intraoral Tip

Oxford Print Mono: Package available: 2 * 50ml  / 8 Oxford Mix Tip / 8 Pink Intraoral Tip