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Wingrove ( Titanium Implant Instrument )

                Implant maintenance requires selecting instruments that will not scratch the surface and yet be effective in removing all plaque and calculus. Scratching the implant surface can cause bacteria to adhere more easily. Stainless steel tipped instruments, metallic sonic, and ultrasonic scalers can gouge titanium. The proper instruments for implant maintenance are: plastic, non-metallic graphite, or Solid Titanium scalers and curettes. These have been proven safe and effective for removal of plaque and deposits on titanium implants.

                Wingrove, Titanium Implant Instruments. The Titanium blades are made with USA medical grade Titanium and are not hardened. They are ideal for safe implant maintenance. The three instrument set was designed by Susan Wingrove, RDH, Fellow of the ADIA ( Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries ). The finely-adjusted designs meet every peri-implant maintenance challenge. The complete set provides the best instrument selections to efficiently adapt to implants with narrow-based bulbous crowns, wide based crowns, locater abutments, Hader bars and exposed threads.


Features / Benefits

  • Designed specifically to conform to all the demands of implantology.
  • Made of solid, Premium Titanium, not coated, and can be sharpened.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic PDT Cruise line handles.
  • Radiuses and blade Lengths to meet and adapt to all the anatomy challenges in peri-implant maintenance
  • Blunted rounder tip to prevent scratching
  • More Adaptable tip for Hader clip bar, �O� ring ball, and Locator abutments.
  • Anterior scaler designed to safely remove plaque and calculus from thread exposed implants and bar, ball, and locator abutments.
  • Posterior scalers designed for peri-implant maintenance on wider base and bulbous restorative implant crowns.