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The Fastest, Easiest and most Accurate way to Sharpen your Instrument.


Ask the professional

        ��..In short I have found them (PDT instruments) to be superior products that perform above expectations, hold teir deges longer and offer me the best bang for my buck.�  --- Leonard M. Strong, RDH, BS � 12 years Bremerton , WA

        ��I skeptically I tried one set. I loved them! They hold their edge even after many sharpening and the light weight handles are great, they help relieve the daily stress on my right hand which ahs developed carpal tunnel. You have a great product and I just wanted you to know.� � Machelle Davis, RDH � 18 Lebanon, OR

        � PDT instruments are sone of the finest I have used in my 28 years of practice. They are light, feel good in the hands and stay sharper for longer than others I have used.� � David McDowall, DDS � 28 years Lake Wales, FL

        � They maintain their sharpness much longer than traditional instruments : saving both chairside sharpening time and allowing for more productive and efficient scaling time in the mouth. The handle size, grip, and weight are much more comfortable, and produce much less hand fatigue than instruments I have used in the past. At a very competitive price, I am pleased to have found an instrument that both serves the needs of my patients and may increase the longevity of my dental hygiene career.� � P.J. Attebery, RDH � 16 years Los Angeles, CA