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Practipal Tray

      Organise work flow and save time, Provides optimal infection Control

      Infection control and minimized handling procedures were key words in the development of PractiPal. A large amount of time is spent in a dental practice every day on handling of hand instruments, burs, files and others. Non-Productive time with high labor costs. PractiPal offers in detail a well-considered means to reduce the handling time and increase the level of infection control in every practice. PractiPal is of benefit to staff, practitioner, patient and the instruments alike with minimized risk for injuries, cross-contamination and instrument wear. PractiPal � is the ultimate solution to Infection Control.



  • Full or half tray � just clip together

  • Hold 9 instruments

  • Organixed and safely stored with the clamp system


      Endo/Bur Stand

  • Holds 16 burs or 29 files

  • Easy replacement of burs or files

  • Safe handling � minimal risk for injury



  • Used with the disposables of your choice

  • Multi Dish Pallet, Point pallet, Foam and Waste container

  • Complete in accordance with your needs


Provides effective and safer infection control

  • Fewer objects on the tray

  • Larger perforations

  • Loosely but securely held instruments, files and burs

  • Practical modules for burs, files and hand instruments

  • Components easily adapted to a variety of functions and uses

  • Modules in several colors

      1178-0810 PractiPal Compact EN