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O�Hehir New Millenium Curettes

       The O�Hehir New Millennium Series is a new design based on an original idea by Ms. Trisha O�Hehir, a leading hygiene clinician and instructor over the last 30 years in America. After studying ms. O�Hehir�s designs for some time, Linda decided that they, with the guidance of Trisha�s expertise, would like to take the instruments to the next level. With hope of creating the ultimate curette design that can be used by all practitioners, not just a cercentage that happens to be able to adapt to a new technique.

        Welcome to 3 dimensional scaling and root planning PDT�s O�Hehir New Millennium curettes are re-engineered to debride effectively with any motion, thanks to a 280 degree radiused cutting edge and a unique design to effectively reduce any chance of tissue trauma whatsoever BETTER ADAPTATION, MORE EFFECTIVE. What more could one wat in a curette?