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Gracey 7-8 PDT Cruise Instrument

       Ultra-light PDT instruments hold edge up to four times longer, reduce sharpening

       The future of instruments is here! The Gracey 7-8 PDT Cruise Instruments are the end-result of more than twenty years of hands-on clinical and manufacturing experience. Their sharpness, consistency and human-factored design make them an unequaled value.

  • Large 3/8" diameter resin handles allow for extreme tactile sensitivity and lighter weight´┐Ż only 1/2 ounce per instrument. Reduces Carpal Tunnel Syndrome risk.

  • Knurling provides tremendous pull and rotational control with a lighter grasp, further reducing hand fatigue.

  • Knurling all the way to the working tip adds control when you must "choke up".

  • Color-coding makes them more patient-friendly and easier to identify.

       PDT Cruise 440A surgical stainless steel tips incorporate the latest cryogenic technology for unmatched hardness. They hold their edges two to four times longer than any other instrument. Medical-grade plastic resin construction will not discolor, chip or crack, even with harsh chemical pre-soak. Sterilizable by all methods. 6 1/2" long. Orca black.

       The PDT Cruise Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee: You will be completely satisfied with every PDT Cruise Instrument or you may return it for any reason during the life of the instrument for a full refund or replacement.