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      The NEWSEAL system enables surgical instruments and handpices to be wrapped before being put in the auto-clave so as to maintain sterility after sterilization has been completed. The new sealing system uses a self-regulating heating element which produces a 10 -11 mm seal with no risk of accidentally burning the paper.

        The technology employed by the NEW SEAL system ensures great reliability and easy and safe use even by any member of staff.

        The state of the art materials and strict quality control in production and testing provide high performance and the utmost reliability. 


Thermosealer with self adjustable heating and reels support

  • Self adjustable heating elements.
  • Sealing: 10  mm
  • External Dimension: L.440 x P.320 x H.190 mm
  • Dimens. with reels: L.440 x P.365 x H.325 mm
  • Retracting blade
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Manual switch off
  • Plastic reels support



      Specification NEWSEAL